Long distance from batteries

Started by hemmjo, February 20, 2015, 09:23:22 AM

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I am doing an installation next week for a mission I work with in the Dominican Republic.   The panels, inverter, controller, etc will be in one building, the kitchen/dining hall,  that will occasionally have 14 watts of load. (two 7 watt LED bulbs). It has to be this way in order to mount the panels and have space for the batteries and associated equipment.

130 feet away, there is a small house for the property caretaker.  We are running 3 strands of  #10 thhn wire to provide about 7amps max to run a refrigerator and a few led bulbs.

We installed 1" pvc pipe underground between the buildings when we ran the water line.

I would really prefer mounting the MNBCM in the house rather than the kitchen. This would allow the caretaker to keep an eye on the system without opening up the kitchen which is only used when we have large groups there, 6-7 months out of the year.  More important, it would be good for his wife to see how her energy use is affecting the system.

Would it be terrible to run a pair of #14 thhn wires in the conduit with the #10's that will be carrying the 120vac?  Will I get too much induced energy into the low voltage wires?  I have read where it is OK to run high and low voltage together in the same conduit as long as all of the conductors are rated for the highest voltage. The installation will have no inspection but I have no desire for it to be unsafe.


Off grid at http://villagemountainmission.org/

Staff Dorm; 4- 275W, CL 150 CC, WB Jr., 1000W-12v PureSine, 4- GC2-XHD-UT 6-Volt, @ 19.796182°, -70.893557

Kitchen/dining area; 4- 275W, CL 150 CC, WB Jr., 1000W-12v PureSine, 4- GC2-XHD-UT 6-Volt, @ 19.796182°, -70.893557