My MidNite ver3

Started by Halfcrazy, October 20, 2015, 09:12:44 AM

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Quote from: Westbranch on October 03, 2018, 11:59:59 AM
Good to know you have a faster one than I got.  We now have a 'local' land based system of 6  towers covering 4 ' communities ( valleys) now and it ties into a fiber optic cable.  Unlimited down loads but we stuck with the slowest package as we too use our smart phone for Voip.  What really swayed me was the 'fixed IP address' was FREE.  The sat guys wanted $10 / month for that feature...
right now I am having a similar issue with charging vs Fridge consumption.

Do you have a small server on site to run the web cam or is the the PVR that transmits? Make and model of Cam ++?

Hi Westbranch,
The camera we have is a Dlink DCS-5222LB1, got it at an office supple place (Staples). Plugged it in, followed the set up wizard, worked great. No server, static IP  or anything like that. It just figured out my Hughes net settings and connected. It's been working for years now. It's outside but is an inside camera. I built a bird house type of box to put it in to protect from the weather.
Off Grid - 2 Kyocera 120w, 10 DM Solar 145w = 1690w @54v feeding MidNite Classic 150 charging 12 - T105s @ 24v. Magnum 2800w Mod. sine, Trace 4kw 240v stepup.