Kid Fuse Block Meltdown / Dissasembly Question

Started by suits, August 17, 2017, 12:48:14 PM

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Background -> I had previously posted issues with the Kid logging showing an odd VBAT MAX that was registering far higher than it should be in the logging system. I was unable to find the cause, but the system had worked fine in the months since so I left it alone.

Now to present day....
After a couple days of noticing some odd activity from the Kid (KID kept wanting to enter float mode prematurely, and once in Float mode would send no charge whatsoever to the battery although the screen indicated it was still sending a 50W float, no charge registered at the battery)

This morning walking past my equipment I noticed a flash of light from the battery fuse panel on the kid. Knowing that was a SERIOUS concern I immediately removed the fuse cover and found that the fuse had blown, but somehow the blowing of the fuse did not disconnect the circuit. Instead the fuse continued to arc (the visible light I was seeing). I also had to manually power down the kid at this point as it still wanted to run, even with the blown fuse due to the arcing.

As a result I now have the remains of the original fuse welded into the fuse holder. I am unable to remove the fuse remains due to the lack of access from the front. Upon disassembling the kid in order to get better access to the fuse holder, I see no easy way to remove the circuit board from the housing. I have a spare parts Kid upstairs and if necessary I can replace the fuse block.

Has anyone else attempted a dis assembly of the Kid? if so I would appreciate any comments regarding circuit board removal as I am a little leery to go into this blind. It appears at first glance that the circuit board may be epoxied in place, and designed to prevent removal.

Right now I'm thinking the best option is to de-solder the back of the fuse block terminals, remove the fuse connection via the front of the kid, clean out, and try to reinstall the same way.
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I suggest you fill in CUSTOMER SUPPORT TICKET  found at the top of this page

If you have another KID why not swap the damaged one out?
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Westbranch is correct, you would be best to either call tech support or submit a support ticket. Especially if this unit is still under warranty, you do not want to disassemble it as that will void the warranty. When removing the board from the unit, there are parts that must be replaced, such as the sil pad, which looks somewhat like a gasket. It is also important that the fet clamps are tightened to the appropriate torque specs. We do not recommend attempting to repair the Kid in the field.