SPD wireing

Started by Beech, September 14, 2020, 10:17:47 AM

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Please explain the Difference between SPD300AC and SPD300DC
I didnt want to follow the diagram in instructions of wireing SPD lead to AC120 IN and other SPD lead to AC120 Out. this is a grid tie system Outback VFXR3648 120Vac
I was told to put both leads from SPD onto AC120 In (for double protection) I did but no lites (Grn SPD lead is on Grd buss) the lites are an  indiaction of function, correct?


This tells me your system is missing the NEUTRAL to GROUND bond.  Move the GREEN SPD wire to the NEUTRAL BUSS BAR.  If the LEDs light, then this is the case.  Consult with an electrician to install your bond.  Usually this is a green screw that comes with a breaker box that needs to be put in the neutral bar to bond it to the ground.