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MN3548DIY Inverter Video by Ryan

Started by Vic, August 24, 2021, 05:37:27 PM

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Just noticed this summary video by Ryan of the 3548 Inverter in operation in his power room.
(Also looks like there is the Barcelona CC on the wall, to the left of the Hawkes bay,  FWIW).

Looks great,   Vic
Off Grid - Sys 1: 2ea SW+ 5548, Surrette 4KS25 1280 AH, 5.25 KW PV, Classic 150,WB, Beta Barcelona, Beta KID
Sys 2: SW+ 5548s, 4KS25s, 5.88 KW PV, 2 ea. Classic 150, WB, HB CC-needs remote Monitoring/Control, site=remote.
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