Commercial Lithium Power Banks / Powerwalls (Various chemistries) Reviews & Info

Started by Steve_S, November 15, 2021, 09:35:54 AM

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Good Day Folks,

Recently I've had many people ask about Commercial Power Banks / Power Walls and the variations.  Sadly the information out there is somewhat scattered and therefore not easy to locate.  Even worse of course, is not everything is available everywhere.    There is also a Great Deal of Confusion over costs which TBH is quite understandable, the Link Below will help clarify some of that fairly quickly.

Then the Ultimate Insult, some Nations tack on Duties, Tariffs & Fees which WE have to pay (If we are stuck in a Profiteering Nation) to Fluff up the Government Coffers, even worse when there is a Sales Tax on top (Taxing Taxes, sure way to make profits).

The Link here will lead you to Solar Battery comparison charts
The detailed battery comparison tables are separated into the following three main types of energy storage systems primarily used for on-grid and off-grid solar and backup power applications:
* AC-Coupled battery systems
* DC-coupled battery systems
* Off-grid battery systems
There are several offerings for different configurations.  A Large Majority have the ability to interact with Solar Charge Controllers, Inverters & AIO's (All In One Solar Units) but you must check for your specific equipment to see if they are compatible.

I Hope this helps, Good Luck with your implementation.


Wow, that's sort of sad, looking at the temp specs, lots are only rated O-50C, a few go lower.  This means in cold weather, some folks will be disappointed when their power goes off from a dead battery on a  sunny day.

I assume the BMS will shut the pack down and inhibit charging below 0C

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It depends on the chemistry used for one.  For example Regular LiFePO cannot be charged below freezing and only a lower charge  rate until 45/50 F but if Doped with Yttrium then can be charged up to -30C/-22F. but your adding a premium cost for that.  There are other LFP Sub Chemistries as well but they are EV Only and not easy to get anywhere.

Several of the "Telecom Rack Mount" type battery modules have warmers with thermostatic controls.  Also some of the other have them as well but not all.  Even Battleborn and other "Drop In" types can be had with warmers.  Being a Canadian this is a common thing I get asked.

While other Lithium Chemistries are better suited to cold temps by default, I chose LFP for my own systems as it is the safest of the Lithium Chemistries at this time.  And it is more affordable as well.... That always counts too.