My "Dream" Midnite Solar Battery System

Started by Steve_S, November 26, 2021, 01:14:17 PM

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Hi Folks,

This is JUST A Dream Excercise and possible suggestion... hint hint....
Batteries are always a PITA and seemingly moreso now, what else is new.  But I have pondered posting this and felt Why Not !
This is a Brainstorming kind of exercise, so bear with the roughness.
Note, I won't bother with 12V as that is so overdone by everyone there is little point in it.
Using basic common needs as observed over the past few years that I've been at this.

I could see Midnite market both 24V & 48V battery assemblies.

  • Both "Block Cased" or in Server / Telecom Battery Rack format.
  • Grade A LFP LiFePO4 based ONLY due to the safety, longevity and lower cost. ESS (Energy Storage Systems) are not as constrained/limited by weight & size.  LFP will still be lighter & smaller relative to equivalent Lead Based batteries.
  • Smart BMS with CanBus/RS485, Other possible, software accessible
  • - Optional BlueTooth (nice to have) and/or optional status display
  • Smart BMS with ability to trigger Heating or Cooling (available ports allowing add-on or included {warmer only})
  • Midnite Software Interface to other Midnite Gear (Notably SCC's for smart profile update *
  • Battery Pack Parallel Capability is essential, adding packs in series, generally not ideal and should be avoided.

* Midnite Software Interface to other Midnite Gear (Notably SCC's for smart profile update)
The SCC's And Inverter/Charger systems all suffer a similar issue.  While an SCC or Inverter/charger and charging the voltage read at Battery or Bus always deviates High.  When SCC is Not Charging it sees the Batt Voltage slightly Higher than actual and an Inverter/Charger will also see a Higher Voltage while only discharging (inverting).  This may only be 0.2V (either direction) but can be higher.  While this seems insignificant at first blush, the Very Flat Voltage curve of LFP and other Lithium Based can be Very significant to the BMS. 

At this time the only option is to calibrate SCC Voltage Readings to be accurate while Charging (to prevent overcharge & false readings) and the Inverter/Charger to be Accurate for Discharging (think low volt cutoff etc).  BUT in this instance, the Inverter/Charger would misread during charging creating the possibility of creating an overcharge state resulting in a BMS High Volt Cutoff.   That generally does not go well !  Safe yes but nasty too !

Cell Sources:
At present there is very limited access to Domestic (US) LFP cells and they are virtually spoken for well in advance.  2022 the LFP IP Rights come open, factories are being assembled now but production cannot commence till after IP release "unless" with a partner holding current IP rights.  LFP will be generated from Lithium Recyclers and preliminary batch runs are providing good viability.   South Korea is up to good stuff there - shhhh next year.  Current Tier-1 (CATL, BYD, Lishen) Chinese Production of LFP is in extreme demand, Tier-2 A-Grade are available but costs are going up due to Supply & Demand.  There is Canadian LFP designed, engineered & made but... not easy to get, ask Lion Bus Co !   

Two examples for Ponderance & Consideration that could very easily be utilized as a Template" or even to approach to use as OEM source rebranded.  *Known Good BTW*  There are more but this is for illustration of what is Really out there.  (see last two rows)

BMS Systems:
This is tricky, but assuming "build from scratch in-house", if going OEM/VAR customizations can generally be made to suit client.
We all know that there is a Plethora of them out there but they are either specifically targetted at a use case of overly generic and then that try to be all for everyone.  I don't think I need to explain that much more, we know what a PITA that can be.  But again a few examples which may actually GobSmack a few.  NB not generally retail !  Pay attention to specs, for example, some have Heat/Cool ports to activate devices to do so, the extended comms functions and capabilities

This is one example of a few companies producing & customizing BMS for use cases.  There are several even in USA & Canada like Volthium.

THIS IS NOT COMPLETE just some Brainstorming Ideas to toss around. 
Take from it what you will or add your thoughts.  If Robyn and others see it maybe they'll chime in too.  There is a Huge Opportunity for Midnite I believe and a Big Win for us Midnite Systems owners.  (The gear that is LOL)

Have a Great Day !


Volthium couldn't even tell me what vendor could ship their batteries to the US.  Their corespondence to answer basic questions left me with the impression that they are either an incohesive company in general or could care less about potential customers outside of Canada (or at least in the states, anyway).  About 5 minutes of trying different keywords in the search engine in an attempt to ascertain what vendors might carry their stuff and ship to the US turned up a single company which was again located in Canada. I dunno man... kind of hard to take them seriously quite honestly.  It was like them saying to me "Oh, your looking to buy our batteries in the USA are ya? Well f*$! off and figure it out yourself!". Didn't leave a good taste in that mouth.


I have not spoken directly with them and if I did it would be in French.  Well, I won't be mentioning them again.  Not related to this thread anyway...


I would like to make a point here of saying that Volthium reached out to me of their own initiative today in order to go out of their way to be helpful in addressing some of my comments in a previous email to them regarding their seeming lack of organization in fielding some pretty basic questions, as apparently my email sparked an internal dialogue at the company centered around the obvious need to better elucidate to prospective buyers (especially outside of Canada) how to obtain their batteries and what they are all about there, and further furnished me with other valuable information, which actually saved me some questions as it turns out. So, in short, I'm giving them an A for effort.


I had an EMail Exchange with Steven Rousseau who runs their Tech Support yesterday.  Issues sorted.  I've aimed others toward Voltium as a Couple of Vendors I consider "good friends" are now also carrying the Product Line as well, so I felt I should speak up to them and things were addressed quickly.  Again, these are not knock-off stuff. 

Anyway, this particular thread was not a Volthium Discussion but what I envisioned as Midnite LFP Pack(s).