From Schneider SW to XW Pro (Midnite E-Panels all the way!)

Started by DMJ72, January 03, 2023, 01:23:04 PM

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Hey, long time I have not posted here. Inspired by Ryan's youtube video, I decided to give the 250-Single Midnite E-Panel for the XW a try. I do not regret it.

I sold the SW and it's E-panel and upgraded to the XW-Pro. Great E-panel from Midnite Solar ! It is built like a tank.

I have some questions (documentation on the midnite site) and suggestions, but I will post those in the E-panel section of this forum.

The PV remains the same for now, hope to upgrade to Signature Solar's rack-mounted Lithiums soon.

(System 1) To be updated ...  @ Jamaica, West Indies.
(System 2-mom's) 6 Wuxi My-Solar 200w Mono panels, Conext SW Inverter, Classic 150, 8 Trojan T-105RE batteries, Trimetric.