Classic 150 no carga. Comienza la carga y a los minutos se para.

Started by Vic_bon, October 24, 2023, 03:42:03 PM

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Buenos dias.
Tengo mi Classic 150 instalado 2kwp a 24v desde hace 4 aƱos, perohoy me encuentro la bateria casi vacia, llevaba 4 dias sin cargar, la bateria esta  a 24V. El Classic comienza la carga y a los 10 o 15 minutos se para, en el MNGP indica BULK,  tension de placas 68V pero la corriente se queda en 0A... si desconecto las placas y las vuelvo a conectar vuelve a iniciar la carga normal pero a los 10 o 15 minutos vuelve a pararse.

Cual puede ser el motivo?

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Good morning.
I have had my Classic 150 installed 2kwp at 24v for 4 years, but today I find the battery almost empty, it had not been charged for 4 days, the battery is at 24V. The Classic begins charging and after 10 or 15 minutes it stops, in the MNGP it indicates BULK, plate voltage 68V but the current remains at 0A... if I disconnect the plates and reconnect them it starts normal charging again but After 10 or 15 minutes it stops again.

What can be the motive?


When you say Plates, I assume that means panels.

Are you sure it is not going to Float from a 15 minute Absorb cycle, maybe ?

When the Classic stops charging, what PV input voltage does the Classic show ?

And what does the battery voltage show while it is charging ?  Is it always 24.0 volts ?

I am guessing that the input and battery voltage changes some.

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Buenas. Gracias por responder.

El Classic carga y al rato se para, indicando en el display que esta en Bulk pero a 0 Amp de carga.