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I have an off grid prewired system MNEMS4448PAECL250 that I absolutely love.

My solar panels are ground mounted and have a local combiner/disconnect.

What I would like to do is set up an emergency system shutdown that would open the following breakers:

Main Battery Shutoff - currently MNEDC175 Breaker - I think
PV Input breaker currently - MNEDC60-300 PV - I think
PV output breaker currently - MNEDC70 - I think
AC input breaker currently a 30A 2 pole not certain of the part number.

All of this is based on the diagram from Midnite Solar I am currently not at the box so cannot verify for now.

I would like to be able to do this so as to provide a single point of shutdown in case of emergency (thinking a fire or something as catastrophic).  This is not necessarily used to save the equipment but to disconnect all potential loads that might be headed into the house.

My system has been inspected and approved by the local electrical inspector, but he suggests I investigate the feasibility of a single point of shutdown.  And I like to idea as well.

I was thinking that if I could swap the above breakers out with some kind of remote trip breakers and a big red 48V emergency kill switch that would activate all of the RT breakers from my battery bank.  Kinda like the old birdhouse just less finesse. 

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Midnite DIY Series / Re: 48 v inverter backfeeding ...
Last post by boB - Today at 10:13:31 AM
And how much voltage are you reading ? Is it the whole battery voltage or just a little ?

It may be some high impedance leakage ?   If that is the case, then you could use resistors to measure the impact of this leakage.

Does the inverter appear to work OK otherwise ?

Midnite DIY Series / Re: 48 v inverter backfeeding ...
Last post by ClassicCrazy - February 07, 2023, 10:46:36 PM
Are you saying you get voltage reading between neutral and ground ?
Midnite DIY Series / 48 v inverter backfeeding into...
Last post by Bmcgaha - February 07, 2023, 08:42:33 PM
I have a MN5048DIY inverter that is giving a positive voltage on the inverters neutral terminal, which is completely disconnected from any loads; it is just the batteries, PV panels, and the inverter. For some reason, I'm getting back feeding or something on my neutral side. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks...
The Rosie / Re: Rosie Testing in Texas!
Last post by dapdan - February 06, 2023, 02:24:02 PM

Yes it does. Your lithium are LifePo4 and are they built by yourself with cells or a finished product like the rack mounted battery systems. 30kwh bank is a good size as well.

The "Classic" charge controller / Repurposed classic?
Last post by BlackwaterPark - February 06, 2023, 09:53:06 AM
so it looks like I'll be getting a hawks bay 120 soon,  and my 9 year old classic 150 will be standing in the unemployment line before too long.  But I might have a job for it.  I've been using my inverter as a ac charger on the occasions that i need it,  but it's inefficiency (~58%), coupled with its noise (think 747 on the tarmac), and the fact that it acts as charger as priority over house loads,  make this a less than ideal setup.  In my older systems,  i had always used discreet ac chargers and very much wish to go back to that setup.   Now,  Signature Solar has just come out with a 48v lithium specific dual voltage input,  adjustable voltage AND current output charger which is good for a max output of 100a dc (while running 240v into it).  This thing is $400. To my mind, that's extraordinarily cheap. Maybe too cheap to be trustworthy to not worry about my rather expensive kilovault habs getting damaged.  I've talked to Signature in the past and they have always billed their ac chargers as "bms chargers", which are essentially constant voltage power supplies, meaning they absolutely rely upon the batteries bms to throttle the chargers down.  I have spoken with kilovault tech support,  and they have informed me that it's a bad idea to constantly rely on the bms to perform this task, as over time,  it runs the risk of damaging the electronics.   Therefore,  I'm wondering how viable it is to simply run that charger through my classic 150. Any reasons why I wouldn't want to do this?
Attached is the spec sheet for that 100a charger...Chargeverter-5kW-Spec-Sheet_1.0.1 (1).pdf
General Discussion / Re: 24V Equipment Site
Last post by Wizbandit - February 05, 2023, 07:50:36 AM
I find the WiFi dongle next to worthless.  When I found out how it works I was disappointed.  There is no Inverter to Phone comms.  Your phone is only used to setup the connection of the WiFi dongle to the Cloud server located in China.  You then need an account with the Server where you access the uploaded data via the Internet. Your data (which also now belongs to the Chinese) can not be accessed if your phone and Inverter don't have Internet.
The Rosie / Re: Rosie Testing in Texas!
Last post by Highflyer - February 03, 2023, 07:31:57 PM
You bet,

I have a Hawk's Bay, a Barcelona, a DIY 5048 and Rosie.  I am using lithium (600 AH) for my batteries and I have around 6kW of solar panels powering my aquaponic system. 

I have a backup lead-acid battery which is charged by a Midnite windmill.

I plan to use Rosie for the entire barn after I learn what I can do with her. 

Does that help?

Hawke's Bay / Re: Hawke's Bay testing in Tex...
Last post by ClassicCrazy - February 03, 2023, 06:04:41 PM
Quote from: FNG on February 03, 2023, 06:09:07 AMGlobal current limit is not functioning yet. I just released all new firmwares that hides all the non functional features

I just did those updates.
Does this mean that all the Aux functions that are showing are now functional ?
General Discussion / Re: 24V Equipment Site
Last post by Vic - February 03, 2023, 04:07:26 PM
Deleted Dupe Post,  VB